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  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light
  • SM-RY SMD LED Street Light

SM-RY SMD LED Street Light

Product Description

SMD, or “Surface Mounted Device” LEDs, are the most common LEDs in the market. The LED chip is permanently fused to a printed circuit board, and it’s highly popular due to its versatility. You can find it in light bulbs and string lights, and even in the notification light on your mobile phone.

What is an SMD led?
The SMD LED chips come in a variety of sizes. SMD LED can accommodate chips with complicated designs, like the SMD 5050, which is 5mm wide. The SMD 3528, on the other hand, are 3.5mm wide. The SMD chips are small, almost close to the design of the flat, square computer chip.

One of the distinct features of SMD LED chips is the number of contacts and diodes they have.

SMD LED chips can have more than just two contacts (which makes it different from the classic DIP LED). There can be up to 3 diodes on a single chip, with each diode having an individual circuit. Each circuit would have one cathode and one anode, leading to 2, 4 or 6 contacts in a chip.

This configuration is the reason why SMD chips are more versatile (comparing SMD vs COB). The chip can include a red, green, and blue diode. With these three diodes, you can already create virtually any colour simply by adjusting the output level.

SMD chips are also known to be bright. They can produce 50 to 100 lumens per watt.

Features of SMD LED Street Lights:
  • High efficient heat dissipation.
  • Double-coupling IP65 protection, highest waterproof level.
  • Intelligent constant current driving technology, long life span.
  • Ergonomic light distribution to achieve uniform illuminating effect.
  • Green and environmentally friendly: it is its special features and advantages in favor of high-rank residential areas, and can keep reducing the realty management costs and reduce the costs of public areas for the residents.
  • It is of IP Rate 65, which means its excellent performance in waterproof.
  • This Street Light is one of the most advanced LED Street Light and an ideal replacement for 250w Traditional HID Lights which saves 80% energy cost.
  • You can choose from options of Warm White (3000k) and White (6000k) colours to create an ideal atmosphere in your surrounding to provide you a soft feel. Switch to the light colour as per your mood and preference.
  • The Beam Angle of this LED Streetlight is 100’D which gives you uniform light covering maximum area.
  • Advanced High Power SMD LED Chip is used in this product which gives off almost no heat and is more Eco-Friendly
  • The body of this product is made of Aluminium
  • This LED Streetlight provides better efficiency, Longer life span than Traditional LED street lights : Life hours up to 20,000hours of light
  • All our LED Streetlights are CE, ROHS certified.
  • Reduced CO² emissions
  • Optically Optimized Glass Lenses

Detailed Parameters

LED Power Consumption 12W-50W
Operating Voltage AC85-305V 50/60HZ
LED Chip Epistar/Brigelux
LED Driver SUNLE PF95% Driver with 10KV SPD /Inventronics Driver/Meanwell Driver
Power Factor >0.90
LED Luminous Efficiency 110-130LM/W
Lamp Efficiency >0.8
Material Die-casting Aluminium body
IP Rating IP65
Warranty 3-5 years
Finishes White/Black/Gray



L*W*H (mm)



Led Type





-45℃- +75℃














Product Details

Outdoors, Garden or Yard, Self-built houses, Shop or Hotel.