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Solar floodlights are ideal for lighting up an outdoor area. They can be wall, post or pole mounted and will come on at night time automatically for several hours or until dawn. The white beam of light produced by it is very much similar to daylight. Unlike some other lights, Solar Flood Lights remain stable and functional even in water of 3m depth. This makes them the more ideal for wet areas. What’s more, Solar Flood Lights are able to generate power from solar energy in the daytime by themselves, which also save a lot of electricity cost. They do not require an electrical connection so they are perfect for DIY installation. For these advantages, these lights are ideal for you to install in yards and landscaping to light up small shrubs, trees, ornaments or features.

Seming lighting has developed groundbreaking solar floodlights that are changing the way we light. We can offer you a wide selection of lighting fixtures, styles, and advanced optical designs with different photometric options to meet the needs of you. Let our team of LED experts at Seming help you.

Benefits of Solar floodlights:

•It is of IP Rate 65, which means its excellent performance in waterproof.

•Energy-saving alternative to traditional floodlights with comparable brightness level.

•No electrical connection so they are perfect for DIY installation.

•Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifetime.