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  • UFO LED Grow Light 90W
  • UFO LED Grow Light 90W
  • UFO LED Grow Light 90W
  • UFO LED Grow Light 90W
  • UFO LED Grow Light 90W
  • UFO LED Grow Light 90W

UFO LED Grow Light 90W

Product Description

UFO LED grow light was named for its shape. As same as other grow lights, the UFO led grow light can provide the correct lighting condition for your plant. Besides that, this led grow light has a double cages structural design which changed the heat dissipation mode from the traditional led grow light. UFO LED grow light divided the inside of the lamp to 2 parts and form 2 heat-dissipation cage ,then it will cut off the internal thermal cycle effectively and reach the best cooling performance. Use the unique air-out design and open air exhaust in the two sides of the lamp which can remove the high temperature air rapidly, thus ensure the light body operation in a low-temperature environment. The LED UFO grow light is ideal for all phases of plant growth because it utilizes only the light spectrum required by plants. UFO LED lights also can save much money because they use no wasted light spectrums, such as green light. UFO LED lights use less power than other common grow lights, and UFO LED lighting creates less pollution as well. Finally, the LED UFO grow light has a long life of 50,000 or more useful hours.
Also, Pumpkin shaped LED fireworks bulb is a creative invent for saving about 80% energy compared with the incandescent bulb of the same illuminating effect. It is really a good deal.
Also, led light bulbs are much more environment friendly than conventional or halogen light in generating heat and service life.

UFO Series Led Grow Light 90W Features:
  • 1. Led light source, less heat generated, it will promote healthy growth and higher Yield.
  • 2. Environment friendly, no mercury and other harmful heavy metal
  • 3. High luminous efficiency, the light from UFO led grow light can be absorbed well by plant.
  • 4. Long life span, no need to replace lamp frequent.
  • 5. UFO LED grow lights are smaller than other grow lights, it fits in at any corner of the greenhouse.

detailed parameters
  • Name:UFO 90W LED Grow Light

  • Model:CDL-G-UFO90W

  • LED Qty:48*3pcs

  • Size:Ф260*136mm

  • N.W.:2.86kg

  • Certificate:CE、RoHS

Product Details


UFO Led Grow Light 90W


UFO Led Grow Light 90W
UFO Led Grow Light 90W


UFO Led Grow Light 90W