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  • SM-9909 Solar Garden Light
  • SM-9909 Solar Garden Light

SM-9909 Solar Garden Light

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Product Description

SM-9909 Solar Garden Light has many benefits compared to electric lighting. The most obvious benefit of it is that they do not require a main outlet to power them. This is incredibly convenient, allowing homeowners to install the lights wherever they want without any concerns about proximity to a power source. Also, SM-9909 Solar Garden Lights offer cost-saving benefits since they run on solar power, they do not add to energy bills. What’s more, SM-9909 Solar Garden Lights are generally safer than electric garden lights, as there are no electrical cables. The lack of cables makes them a good choice for temporary installations at barbecues and cookouts, where there is a risk that children might trip over exposed cables from electrical lighting options. Finally, this is a strong deterrent for criminals as these lights illuminate the grounds every night.

  • 1.It is of IP Rate 65, which means its excellent performance in waterproof.
  • 2.Energy-saving alternative to traditional garden lights with comparable brightness level.
  • 3.Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifetime.

Detailed Parameters

Model Code SM-9909
Power (W) 15W
Color Gold
ON/OFF Intelligent remote control/ Light control
Material Anti-oxidation aluminum + tempered glass
Lighting Area 50㎡
Solar panel Polycrystalline solar panel 6V/15W
Battery 12000mah Lithium iron phosphate
Accessories U-shaped frame, remote control, Explosion screw
Discharge Time ≥18 hours
Charging Time 4-6 hours
IP Rate IP65
Package List 12.8kg , 49.5*33*72.5 cm , 4 set ,

Product Details



Garden or yard
Self-built houses
Shop or hotel