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  • 3M single arm solar garden light
  • 3M single arm solar garden light

3M single arm solar garden light

Product Description

Solar courtyard lights are widely used in such places as urban squares,attractions park,residential quarters,university campus and factory areas and pedestrian streets for lighting and decoration,which is various in forms,beautiful and elegant .Easy in installation and maintenance ,without the need for laying of underground cables,no need for paying electricity fee for lighting,stable and reliable in working ,without need for management,long service life and energy-saving.Thus making them the ideal road and landscape lighting lamps and a green renewable energy products advocated strongly in society today.

Most common design
Buried PVC battery box can avoid both excessively high temperature due to sunlight exposure and excessively low temperature in winter. In this case, batteries can work at an almost consistent temperature (about 25℃). As a result, service life of batteries can be extended by a large margin.

Product Details

Street Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Pathway Lighting, Ramp Lighting, Sidewalk Lighting, Private Road Lighting, Farm & Ranch Lighting, Wildlife Area Lighting, Perimeter Security Lighting, Park Lighting, Gate Lighting, Yard Lighting, Fence Lighting, Campus Lighting, Boat Dock Lighting, Remote Area Lighting, Military Base Lighting, Jogging and Bike Path Lighting

General Specifications:
LED Lamp 5~30W (can be customized)
Lighting Pole 2~5Meters(can be customized)
Working Time can be customized
Rainy Days Backup can be customized
Working Condition -30- 70℃ Working Temperature, >160km/h Wind Resistance
Certifications CE,GMC,TUV,CCC, ISO9001,SGS,ROHS,IEC61215,SASO,BV

Component Details:
1. A GRADE high efficient solar panel
Because of anti-reflective hydrophobic layer, which is with higher light absorption and minimal surface dust, our solar panel is with higher conversion rate. Mono: 18% conversion rate, Poly: 17% conversion rate, 25 years power output warranty.

2. Hot dip galvanized Q235 steel pole
Hot dip galvanized together with powder spray, realizing antirust and anticorrosion

3. Detachable Solar Panel Bracket
Material: Q235 Steel
Features: Hot dip galvanized together with powder spray, realizing antirust and anticorrosion
Detachable design, saving transportation cost and realizing easy installation on site

4. Detachable Foundation Kit
Material: Q235 Steel
Features: Hot dip galvanized together with powder spray, realizing antirust and anticorrosion
Detachable design, saving transportation cost and realizing easy installation on site

Combination: It combines the controller and LED driver as one, easy to maintain. IP67 Protection Grade: 100% protected against humidity and works reliably under all climate conditions. Protection Functions: Short-circuit Protection, Reverse Discharging Protection, Polarity Protection, Low Voltage load cut-off protection, Over-charge Protection. IVdetector Technology: By calculating the ratio between stored electricity and output electricity, the controller automatically adjusts the working current of LED lamp accordingly so as to prolong the working time of the solar street light.

l Easy Maintenance with wireless Remote Controller:We can use the remote controller to change the Working time and output power of the solar street lighting system.

6. UL Listed Maintenance Free GEL Battery
Type GEL Free Maintenance Battery
Rated Working Voltage 12V
Interior Resistance (Completely Charge) 5.1mΩ (25℃)
Self-Discharge(25℃) <2%/ month(20℃)
Case Material Reinforced ABS polypropylene
Using Temperature -40℃~60℃
Cycle life
Capacity Affected by Temperature
Life Time
80%DOD 600 cycles, 25%DOD 2000 cycles (25℃)
105 % @ 40℃,85 % @ 0℃,60 % @ -20℃
5~7 years

7. Mental Battery Box
Material: ABS Engineering Plastic
Features: Die casting forming, fully sealed waterproof, good heat protection

We have a strict quality control system; every single set of solar street light has to go through 48 tests before leaving factory.

Customized Lighting Solutions
A wide variety of configurations and designs are available to meet your specific demand.
Specifications below are for your reference only. The system will be configured according to climatic conditions of the installation site together with your specific requirements.
For Customized Solar Street Lighting Solutions, please click inquiry.
Featured Project Cases
So far Seming Lighting has sold over 250,000 sets of solar street lights, among which 30,000 sets are for exportation. During 2014, we have sold 70,000 sets altogether, among which 10,000 have been exported.
With reliable quality and competitive price, Seming Lighting has won great market in America, Japan, EU, middle-east, South America and Africa. Seming Lighting has built partnership with many famous companies like Marriott Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, Huawei, ZTE, China Railway Construction Company, Green Solar Energy (USA) and etc.
For typical project cases, please click Typical Project Cases.