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  • Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
  • Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
  • Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
  • Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
  • Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
  • Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Photovoltaic Intelligent Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Product Description

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Photovoltaic Industry Division

  • Smart cleaning is imperative

    At present, intelligent and clean products and solutions can be customized for different types of power stations, such as centralized, industrial and commercial distributed, and household-type distributed, so that surface dirt cleaning of photovoltaic panels can be quickly and efficiently completed, and power generation can be increased.

  • Photovoltaic cleaning robot advantages

    1.Self-powered, with energy storage, no need for external power

    2.Intelligent control, unattended, saving labor costs

    3.Waterless cleaning, energy saving and environmental protection, saving water

    4.The operating frequency is set freely, and it is regularly cleaned according to the environment of the site

    5.Uniform robot cleaning force will not cause cell cracking

    6.Can be set to work on rainy days, nights, etc. at specific times.

Photovoltaic Industry Division

Photovoltaic intelligent cleaning robot adopts a number of patented technologies to completely clear snow-covered and stubborn dust machines and realizes front-to-back, cross-over, long-distance cross-panel cleaning work between panels. Significantly reduce the number of robot inputs; save on input costs

  • 01/Innovation Technology, Open Waterless Clean Times

    Most of the power plants have poor environmental conditions due to geographical location, lack of water resources, and the use of water to clean photovoltaics is inefficient and water-consuming. For this reason, Solar Solar innovatively developed waterless clean technology to solve the above two major problems.

  • 02/Intelligent cloud services, control everything

    Through the wireless technology, the intelligent operation and maintenance system and the photovoltaic intelligent cleaning robot can be connected, using the cloud intelligent planning platform, remote operation monitoring and management, visualizing all states, intelligent management and control, automatic cleaning, more efficient and convenient, and greatly reducing operation and maintenance costs and cleaning difficulty..

  • 03/misplaced up and down, easy to cross the terrain

    Photovoltaic smart cleaning robots have superior environment and address adaptation capabilities, and are highly practical. They can achieve photovoltaic panels and 50mm crossovers.

  • 04/ Large-area, long-distance cleaning

    Photovoltaic intelligent cleaning robots with a facade covering up to 6 meters and a travel distance of 1000-1200 meters without the need to transform photovoltaic arrays.

  • 05/Diversification of cleaning functions

    For different use requirements, snow, dust, bird droppings, etc. can be automatically cleaned.

  • 06/Highly clean, no harm

    For the special nature of photovoltaic panels, a brush made of polymer medical material is used to damage the photovoltaic panel 0 and clean up to 99%.

  • 07/5km range remote operation

    Photovoltaic intelligent cleaning robots equipped with wireless modules to realize remote control operation in 5km range and improve the use efficiency.

  • 08/Self detection and diagnosis

    Photovoltaic intelligent robots have self-checking and diagnostic functions, and they feedback their status through codes during work operations.

Manual cleaning method VS Smart PV cleaning

Before and after photovoltaic cleaning

Dust pollution will cause photovoltaic power stations to generate at least 8% more power per year.
Therefore, the use of intelligent cleaning robots for regular cleaning, efficient and thorough removal
of dust and dirt from the surface of the module, and improvement of power generation efficiency have become the trend of the new era of large photovoltaic power plants.