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  • SM-TGDB2-20 Optical Lens Flood Light
  • SM-TGDB2-20 Optical Lens Flood Light

SM-TGDB2-20 Optical Lens Flood Light

Product Description

Optical Lens of SM-TGDB2-20 Optical Lens Flood Light, are not only made to collimate the light, sometimes they are used to improve color uniformity and light distribution within the targeted area. Even the most efficient light sources would be rendered useless without high-quality optics. Yes, LEDs have smaller form factors than their conventional counterparts, but they differ in how they emit light. Incandescents illuminate in 360 degrees but LEDs are directional, illuminating only 180 degrees. Also, the Optical Lens of SM-TGDB2-20 Optical Lens Flood Light, are generally injection molded from polymers and use a refractive lens inside a reflector. They are typically cone shaped and can have very high efficiencies in reflecting and controlling the LEDs light spread. Optical Lens are used a lot in outdoor lighting and have made big steps in indoor applications as well. They are ideal for narrow beam control but don’t work as well when emphasis is on diffused light and low glare.

• It is of IP Rate 65, which means its excellent performance in waterproof.
• Energy Friendly. LED flood lights eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacements, and you can save as much as 80% on electricity costs.
• Long life. In an average, these bulbs last for up to 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights.
• Free of Mercury, Lead and Carbon Emissions.

• Low Maintenance and Replacement Costs.

• Unaffected by Weather and Temperature Changes. LED flood lights are impervious to temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions.

• Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifetime.

Detailed Parameters

Model Code SM-TGDB2-20
Size L180*W140*H90mm
Power (W) 20W
Voltage AC85~265V
Material aluminum die-casting
IP Rate IP65

Product Details