Solar LED Street Lights vs General LED Street Lights

Jul 04,2017

Solar Street Lights

(1)It can be easily installed without the need of paving complicated lines. All you need is to have a cement base and it is OK to fix it with screws.

(2)Building solar-energy road lamps is a one-time investment, which does not need any costs for maintenance or servicing. The costs can be returned in around 3 years, and you can see the benefits in the long term.

(3)There is no potential safety risk. The current for the solar-energy lamps is the safe current of DC36V, which does not cause any safety problem.

(4)The main components for the solar-energy lamps are the solar cell panel with the life span of 25 years and the LED with the average life span of more than 50000 hours. The storage battery has a life span of 5~7 years.

(5)Green and environmentally friendly: it is its special features and advantages in favor of high-rank residential areas, and can keep reducing the realty management costs and reduce the costs of the public areas for the residents.

Public LED Street Lights

(1)The process of installation and construction operation is complicated. It is necessary to lay the cables, for which cable trenches are needed. It is necessary to lay pipes underground with the cables running in the pipes and backfill the soils, involving the need of foundation work. It is also necessary to have a long time for installation and commissioning. The requirements for the topography and lines are complicated and the costs of labor and auxiliary materials are very high.

(2)The expenses of electric power supply are high. In such case, the 250W or 400W sodium lamps are used. If the lamps are used in the long term, the costs of electric power supply are very huge. And moreover, the long-term uninterrupted use requires the maintenance or replacement of the lines and other facilities, leading to the increase of costs year by year.

(3)Potential safety risks: there are various safety risks in terms of construction quality, reconstruction of landscape projects, ageing of materials and interrupted power supply and the clash between the water, electric power and fuel gas pipelines.

(4)The average life span of the traditional electric road lamps is about 10000 hours. As the service goes on, the ageing will become more and more serious.

(5)The larger the construction scale is, the higher the costs of installation will be with the total investment higher than the solar-energy road lamps. Additionally, the losses as a result of the theft of cables are immeasurable.

Material comparison

Suppose the total length of the road to be constructed is 4000m, for which 134 road lamps are to be constructed and the height of each column is 8m and the interval between each two columns is 30m, and the cables used are VV3 x 25 + 2 x 16. Besides this, there is the need of sleeve pipes. Suppose the system will be sued for 10 years.

Item Name General Street Lights Solar Street Lights

Q’ty Unit Price Total Q’ty Unit Price Total

134Lights 2800RMB 375200RMB 134 Lights 8600RMB 1152400RMB
Laying of pipes and cables 4000m 210RMB/m 840000RMB
Supporting service fee 320000×10% 32000RMB
Electricity fee 150W×10h×365days×10year×134Lights÷1000W×0.8RMB 586920RMB
Maintenance fee(labor force and spare parts) 134Lights 1500RMB/10year 201000RMB
Storage battery replacement

134Lights 2500RMB/10year 335000RMB
Total for services for 10 years 2,035,120.00 RMB 1,487,400.00 RMB

The conclusion base don the table above:

(1)To think about the product itself, the construction costs of solar-energy lamps are higher than the traditional lamps.

(2)It showcases the following advantages of the solar-energy road lamps:

Energy saving: the electric power comes from the solar power, which is an endless source of power.

Environment protection: pollution free, noise free and radioactivity free.

Safety: no risk of electric shock, fire or any other accidents.

Easy and convenient for construction: it can be easily installed, not requiring power lines or excavation for trenches, nor any concern for limited power supply.

Longer life span: high technical content, intelligent control system and reliable quality.

High rank: a hi-tech product, green energy sources, environmentally friendly, making the products on a higher rank.

Wide applications: it can be used where there is sunlight. It is especially fit for lighting the green areas and landscapes, scenic spots, high-rank residential areas, the open sections of industrial areas, industrial companies as well as the road lighting for colleges, universities, mountainous regions and villages.

In summary, the features of energy saving of the solar lamps are quite evident.