GENESIS COB LED Grow Lights for Cannabis

Jun 29,2017

  • We are leading professional led grow lights manufacturer for cannabis grow, we are committed to providing excellent LED fixture for worldwide cannabis growers, and with hard working by our great team, we now hold several patented cutting-edge technologies for the best quality assurance of lighting fixture; Our lights not only ensure fast growth speed but also gives amazing result, which is favored by more and more growers.

    We strive for being the best LED grow light supplier in the global markets by our continuous efforts, and achieving the best satisfaction from worldwide growers!

Why We Prefer COB LED Grow Light?

The past few years saw a big boom of grow light industry in cannabis grow around the globe; there are different kinds of designs and quality levels in the markets, such as Apollo, UFO, Helios, X2 lens, high power 3W or 5W LED, 1W by 3-in-1 encapsulation, SMD5050 series, however, quite a few users are satisfied with grow result by these grow lights due to weak color mixing, although PPF is even high.

We are committed to providing high quality LED grow light by adopting revolutionary COB technology and as such we are able to create the best light efficiency and color mixing for the plant,

In addition, we are also working hard on the best solution of heat-sinking that generated from diodes with power, thus we are able to ensure high and reliable quality assurance, which makes our products receive immense good reputation around the globe.

With more and more satisfied grow results from those who use our COB LED grow lights for cannabis, we are more confident in its massive application for cannabis market.

Criteria for a Good LED Grow Light

Although there are so many kinds of LED grow light, there are mainly below four criteria to evaluate a grow light:

With very hard working in the last few years, we are able to provide excellent LED grow light with good cost performance, and we won good reputation among our customers worldwide.

Our Advantages: Optimum Spectrum

It is undoubtfully that spectrum is the first important factor for people to design or develop a grow light, because it is well recognized that all the plants in nature has their own spectrum in vegetative, blooming and fruiting stage, and people usually will have to take a long time to make many kinds of tests till the optimum spectrum comes out for mass production.

We work closely with universities and professional cannabis growers to explore optimum spectrum and to realize fast growth speed, pefect yield and high quality output by our hundreds of tests.

Full Spectrum

Precision Spectrum

Our Advantages: Perfect Light-mixing

As is known to all that in the surface of leaves of plants, there are millions of plant cells (photosynthetic pigment) need to absorb photons for the photosynthesis in their different growth stages, the plant will grow perfectly only when the plant cells are able to maximally absorb light in the same spectrum, otherwise, the growth of plant will be affected due to poor distribution of different colors of light. So far, the grow tests have improved well that the color mixing is very important to achieve good growth result; However, the importance of mixing of different colors of light is usually undervalued or neglected by many grow light designers, and people usually just choose diodes in different wavelengths according to the spectrum that they would like to have, but there always little attention paid to the mixing of different colors of light;

The most effective way to have perfect mixing of different colors of light is to gather all the colors of light in an area as small as possible, thus we choose COB light source for our to grow light, which is able to dramatically improve the mixing of different colors of light that are very important to the fast growth of plant and coming good yield.

Our Advantages: Good PPF Value

PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) is mainly used as a measurement of light for plant, usually the higher PPFD, the better growth result, however, just pursuing high PPF may not workable and worthwhile to do, because different kinds of plants have their own light saturation point, only when spectrum and mixing of colors of light are perfectly ensured, then PPFD will work if the light saturation point is clear; in addition, spectrum and light-mixing should be placed as first priority before any other ways to increase PPF such as enhance electricity, etc.

Below important points are usually considered before we get the suitable PPF value for the growth of plant:

  • Light saturation point to confirm how much PPFD is advisable to reach
  • Light spectrum to explore before confirmation of any kind of light source
  • Power wattage with consideration of energy-saving and cost efficiency in the target investment of return
  • Light-mixing should be ensured before the PPFD we would like to have

Our Advantages:High-Quality Assurance

A grow light with reliable quality assurance is what we are working on in the last few years, and we achieved great success in a series of technical breakthroughs in terms of light source, ventilation system, heat-sinking, driver of power, cabling connection, etc, in addition, we always select top standard materials for our light to ensure best quality performance and longer lifespan.

  • Patented COB with excellent heat- conduction and safety factor for diodes

  • Isolated LED driver by top quality standard components

  • The most effective heat-sinking module supports maximum 150W/COB (optional)

  • The most reliable cool fan by dual- bearing ensures the longest lifetime

  • High-quality cables by pure copper supports daisy-chain connection safely

  • Top finishing case against any corrosion

LED Grow Light VS HPS

In the markets of lighting fixture for cannabis, HPS still takes up big market share due to its cheaper cost and favorable yield, but its big power consumption and incredible heat emission are also big headaches to cannabis growers, they have to pay much more on electricity and introduce expensive equipment for cooling, otherwise, it will affect the growth and yield, LED grow light is a perfect solution at all levels compared to HPS lamps, here we would like to share all details of comparison.


LED grow light is able to provide precise spectrum by specific bands(UV, blue, red and FR) which are perfectly for the growth of cannabis, and it is also able to make cannabis grow faster with more yield; From the below comparison, we can see that HPS is very short of blue and red color, it mainly relies on its high lumen output for the growth of plant, but it also produces too much heat and costs a lot on electricity

Spectrum of LED grow light

Spectrum of LED grow light

LED Grow Light VS HPS

Power consumption

Compared to HPS, LED grow light always consumes less power, generally speaking, the growing result of a 450W LED grow light is equal to a 600W HPS; HPS is able to give high lumen but its big power consumption will costs much more in daily use.

HPS also gives out too much heat, and make it difficult for people to control the growing environment, people have to buy expensive equipment for cooling down the grow area, in addition, high temperature created by HPS is very easy to damage the surface of leaves of plant, and furthermore affects the growth of plant, but LED light just gives out little heat, so it is possible to make it close to the leaves of plant and improve the growth speed.


LED has much longer lifetime than HPS, the average lifetime of LED grow light is over 50,000 hours, but the average lifespan of HPS is usually less than 15,000 hours, such big difference in lifetime make people benefit much when they use LED grow light for cannabis grow, even it will cost more to purchase a LED grow light, but it is worthwhile and comparatively more economical to use LED light compared to HPS lamp;

LED grow light adopts modularized assembly, which makes the maintenance very easy, even for a kid!