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  • SM-1930 Integrated Solar Street Light
  • SM-1930 Integrated Solar Street Light

SM-1930 Integrated Solar Street Light

Product Description

SM-1930 Integrated Solar Street Light can convert solar power into electrical energy by solar panel, and then charge the lithium battery. During the daytime, even on a cloudy day, the solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the energy it needs and supplies to LED lights of the integrated solar street lights automatically at night to achieve night lighting. At the meantime, the SM-1930 Integrated Solar Street Lights have Light control or Human body induction Function, which achieves intelligent infrared sensor body work mode at night. It means that when there being someone the light was 100% bright, and will automatically change to a third of the brightness when no one coming after some times. Finally, solar energy as an "inexhaustible" safety, environmental protection, new energy sources, indicates that it is green and environmentally friendly, and can keep reducing the realty management costs and the costs of public areas for the residents.

1. It can be easily installed without the need of paving complicated lines. All you need is to have a cement base and it is ok to fix it with screws.
2. Building solar-energy road lamps is a one-time investment, which does not need any costs for maintenance or servicing. The cost can be returned in around 3 years, and you can see the benefits in the long term.
3. There is no potential safety risk. The current for the solar-energy lamps is the safe current of DC36V, which does not cause any safety problem.
4. The main components for the solar-energy lamps are the solar cell panel with the life span of 25 years and the LED with the average life span of more than 50000 hours. The storage battery has a life span of 5-7 years.
5. Green and environmentally friendly: it is its special features and advantages in favor of high-rank residential areas, and can keep reducing the realty management costs and reduce the costs of public areas for the residents.
6. It is of IP Rate 65, which means its excellent performance in waterproof.

Detailed Parameters

Model SM-1930
Color Light Body: black Arm: White
ON/OFF Light control /Human body induction/Intelligent remote control
Material Stainless Iron + High quality PC
Power (W) 30W
Lighting Area 80㎡
Solar panel Polycrystalline solar panel 6V/5W
Battery 7000mah Lithium iron phosphate
Accessories Arm, remote control, Explosion screw
Discharge Time ≥36 hours
Charging Time 4-6 hours
Setting height 5-6m
IP Rate IP65
Package List 24.4kg, 39*36*42 cm, 10 sets

Product Details

Outdoors, Garden or Yard, Streets, Shop or Hotle.