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  • 6113 LED Garden Light
  • 6113 LED Garden Light
  • 6113 LED Garden Light
  • 6113 LED Garden Light
  • 6113 LED Garden Light
  • 6113 LED Garden Light

6113 LED Garden Light

Product Description

6113 LED Garden light is very important in our life today, it can boost the security of your premises, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and even improve safety on your property. The street light is the perfect set of lights for illuminating paths or gardens. As a kind of outdoor lighting, 6113 LED Garden Light offers exceptional brightness backed up by unrivalled reliability and performance. Made from Die cast aluminum housing complete with aluminum sheet rotating cover, these stunning lights emit a gorgeous warm white light after dark. At the same time, compared with the traditional outdoor lamps, the led garden light uses less energy and lasts longer. With a lifespan clocking in at approximately 30,000 hours of use, Outdoor LED landscape lighting is up to 80% more energy efficient and up to ten times more durable than traditional light sources, making it the most economical option for your outdoor lighting system.  It provides instant illumination and is incredibly versatile in terms of style and light distribution. In a word, the LED Garden Light is the perfect light for your illuminating paths or gardens. 

6113 LED Garden Light Features:
  • 1.Lamp housing is made by die casting aluminum, surface treatment for electrostatic powder coating
  • 2.Heat resisting silicone rubber gasket.
  • 3.Diffuser is made by high quality PC lens; it’s honoured by its good lucidity, intensity and long life span.
  • 4.The reflector is made by high pure aluminum.
  • 5.Protection grade: IP65
  • 6.Diffuser is made by high-strength tempered glass.
  • 7.Led quantity: 18pcs.
  • The fixtures are great for illuminating walkways, streets, driveways, terraces, porches, and garden areas.

Product Details

6107 Led garden light specification



6113 Led garden light specification


6113 Led garden light specification


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6113 Led garden lights