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  • 12W solar garden light
  • 12W solar garden light

12W solar garden light

Product Description

The head sink designed to be in the air to dissipate heat quickly
Frosted toughened glass,no glare light.
All-in-one structure,waterproof and dust-proof.
Individual LED:1LED with 1 heat sink,fast heat dissipation makes it over
70000 hours long life time.
Sleeve adaptor,no need to open the light fixture when installation.

Solor Panel:30-270W
Led Light:30-270W

Technical Data:
solar led street light working mode 5-13 working hours per day, 2-7 rainy days back-up.
Solar Panel 1. Monocrystalline Solar panel from 30W to 310W, efficiency of more than 18.5%
2. Polycrystalline solar panel from 30W to 270W, efficiency of more than 17.8%
3. A GRADE high efficient solar panel
4.Hydrophobic layer with higher light absorption and minimal surface dust
5. 5 years warranty for solar panels; 20 years power generation capacity
Gel Battery 1. Lifespan:5-8 years,
2. Long service life (3200 cycles @ 30% DOD)
3. Better Weather-ability (-20 ºC ~ 50 ºC)
4. Fully sealed construction ,maintenance free long life of up to 5 years
Intelligent Solar Controller, Lifespan:5-10 years 1. PWM & MPPT available,
2. Over-charging/discharging Protection,
3. Reverse-connection Protection
Light source 1. Ligh Power LED
2. Lifespan: >80000Hrs,
3. White Color,140LM/W,30Lux,6500K, IP65,120 Degree Angle,
Pole 1. Hot-Dip Galvanized, powder coating
2. Lifespan: More than 20 years
3. Equipped With Arm, Bracket, Flange, Fittings, Cable,
4. Resistant to Wind: ≥150KM/H,

Product Details

Specifications for the components
1. LED lamp
• The heat sink is designed to be out in the air to dissipate heat quickly
• Frosted toughened glass, no glare light.
• All-in-one structure, waterproof and dust-proof.
• Individual LED: 1LED with 1 heat sink, fast heat dissipation makes it over 70,000 hours long life time.
• leeve adaptor, no need to open the light fixture when installation.

2. Solar panel
• 5 years’warranty, no less than 90% of standard output power is within 10 years, 80% of standard output power is within 25 years.
• high efficiency polycrystalline Or Mono cells and adding Aluminum Frame, Tempered Glass.

3. Gel battery
• high efficiency polycrystalline Or Mono cells andAdding Aluminum Frame, Tempered Glass.

4. Controller
• Short-circuit Protection: Once the load is short-circuiting connected, the controller will shut itself off to protect the solar system from damage.
• Reverse Discharging Protection: It prevents the battery from discharging to solar panel.
• effective dust-proof and water-proof

5. Lighting pole
• Q235 Steel
• hot galvanized anti-corrosion treatment
• smooth surface
• Pure polyester plastic powder coating is stable, and with strong adhesion & strong ultraviolet ray resistance. Film thickness is more than 100 um and with strong adhesion. The surface is not peeling even with blade scratch (15 * 6 mm square). Surface is smooth and color and luster are identical.