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Benefits of LED tube light

Jul 19,2017
T8 LED tube light is probably the most extensively used lighting products in the modern world. The T8 LED tube light is designed to replace traditional T8/T12 medium bi-pin Base fluorescent tube lighting to reduce energy and maintenance costs while improving the quality of light in work environments and living spaces.

Benefits of T8 Led tube light:
  • 1. T8 led tube doesn’t include mercury, it is environment friendly.
  • 2. The LED tube is designed to be completely plug and play, thus it is healthier for our eyes.
  • 3. High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, it can save 80% energy than fluorescent tubes
  • 4. Long life span, it can last 30000 hours.
  • 5. LED are ideally suited for operation under cold and low outdoor temperatures.
  • 6. The CRI for LED tubes is typically higher than 80, close to the sun's value, showing colors truly and naturally.