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A pretty cool birdcage lamp

Jul 19,2017

This birdcage lamp has a unique cage design. There is a little bird distribute warm glow in the cage. The grassland is its lifetime Habitat. It is not lonely, nor yearning for freedom, only hoping to quietly accompany the host side. It is waiting for you and will pray for your happiness. Sleep in fairy tale with this little bird lamp. Birdcage lamp is very cute, at the same time, it can be as a night light to decorate your home. If you have a baby need to take care in your home, the birdcage night lamp also can let your life easy in the dark.

Benefits Of Birdcage Lamp:
1.Easy to take away. Low power consumption, rechargeable by USB cable
2.Close to nature design, and the soft light help children sleep well
3.3 kinds of switch modes, ON / OFF / VIBRATION, turn the switch to "vibration", the light will turn slight bright, ultra brightness and off by touching.
4.Application: Children's Room, Hallway, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Outdoor, etc.
5.Elegant and nature close design
6.The LED light are energy-saving and environment friendly.