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  • SM-TGDH1-150 COB Flood Light
  • SM-TGDH1-150 COB Flood Light

SM-TGDH1-150 COB Flood Light

Product Description

COB (Chip on board) LED is a high powered chip which is the most recent development in LED lighting. And it are being used typically in small devices such as cameras and smartphones, this is due to a high amount of lumens created for a very small amount of energy. What's more, SM-TGDH1-150 COB Flood Lights provide a better light source. It achieves a more focused light and with the use of reflectors, the light beam can be controlled. Chrome reflectors surrounding the diode can be replaced and set at different angles to make the light beam narrower or wider. Due to the narrow beam and with the use of reflectors that are usually clear, SM-TGDH1-150 COB Flood Lights generate crisper and cleaner as there is no frosting on the lenses. Finally, more light can penetrate further which means they perform well in rooms with high ceilings.

• COB LED is less thermal resistance. Among different LED components such as high power LED, SMD, dip etc, COB LED is best in less thermal resistance and cooling.
• COB LED is better lighting effect.
• It is of IP Rate 65, which means its excellent performance in waterproof.
• Energy Friendly. LED flood lights eliminate the need for frequent bulb replacements, and you can save as much as 80% on electricity costs.
• Long life. In an average, these bulbs last for up to 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights.
• Free of Mercury, Lead and Carbon Emissions.

• Low Maintenance and Replacement Costs.

• Unaffected by Weather and Temperature Changes. LED flood lights are impervious to temperature fluctuations and environmental conditions.

• Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifetime.

Detailed Parameters

Model Code SM-TGDH1-50
Size L390*W288*H170mm
Power (W) 150W
Voltage AC85~265V
Material aluminum die-casting
IP Rate IP65

Product Details