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  • Mini Fiery LED Lights
  • Mini Fiery LED Lights
  • Mini Fiery LED Lights
  • Mini Fiery LED Lights
  • Mini Fiery LED Lights
  • Mini Fiery LED Lights

Mini Fiery LED Lights

Product Description

Mini Fiery LED Lights that shine like firebugs. Put the shine in little jars or bottles and light up the whole area. Seeing Lighting is an experienced  Mini Fiery LED Lights manufacturer with 17 years experiences. We could make customized fiery lights according to your need. This led lights along with 20 ft of ultra-thin copper wire, (4 mm in diameter) copper color. The wire has a lacquer coating that makes the strand of lights water resistant. The fiery lights can stay outdoors on a rainy day, provided that the power adapter is protected. Its flexible copper string is easy to shape and adapt to any object or support in any position. The mini fiery lights that don't overheat giving a light fairy effect. After hours of use, they are safe to touch without risk of burns. These products are safe for children over three years and for pets. It's the perfect decoration for girls' and teenagers' rooms. Mini fiery Lights apt for both indoor and outdoor settings, these hanging lights or led wire lights are a must for CHRISTMAS decorations, and it will satisfy all of the light needs for any holiday celebration, as its luminosity is enough for the entire room! This saves you money, and leaves your guests awestruck with your chic and trendy decorations.

Benefits of mini fiery LED lights:
  • 1.Luminosity: 360° sparkle (as opposed to the traditional 90°-180° sparkle.)
  • 2.The product is made with environmentally-friendly materials.
  • 3.With a 20,000 hour lifespan, they can stay lighted for as long as needed
  • 4.Low energy power consumption
  • 5.It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • 6.Completely safe and Water proof
Mini Fiery LED Lights
detailed parameters
  • Product name: Mini Fiery LED Lights

  • Base Bedside Lamp for Christmas decoration

  • Light color: warm yellow, warm white

  • Voltage: 5V

  • Operating current: 500MA Power:3w

  • Material: High borosilicate + solid wood

  • Size: 17.5*17.5*24cm

  • Product net weight: 498g; Quality:24pcs/carton

  • Package dimension: 70*54*50cm

  • Packing weight: 13.5KG

  • Power supply mode: USB wire length :1.5m (can’t be charged)

  • On-off mode: line switch

Product Details

Mini Fiery LED Lights


Mini Fiery LED LightsMini Fiery LED LightsMini Fiery LED Lights