Solar lighting system solutions

Jul 04,2017

1.What information do you need to provide us with for working out the best possible scheme for a solar lighting system?

(1)The place of installation: we need to check and choose the right configuration according to the sunlight peak value in the local area.
(2)The operating hours required each day (e.g. 5 hours or 10 hours)
(3)How may rainy days will happen continuously in rainy season (e.g. 3 days or 4 days) in order to ensure the road lamps can work normally.
(4)Height of the columns or the width of the road
(5)Requirements for the brightness

2.What is the sunlight peak value?

The sunlight peak value is the unit intensity of sunlight reaching the surface of the earth each hour. With this value, the climate and weather can be analyzed. The maximum intensity of sunlight should happen in at noon and within 3~4 hours before and after the noon (different from region to region). This period is the best period for the charging of solar cell panels (of course, the hot summer period is an exception).

3.How could the solar-energy road lamps know the time for switch-off and switch-on?

We use the light & time-controlled intelligent waterproof controller. With this kind of controller, we can make whichever kind of control we need in order to maintain the switch-on and switch-off control according to requirements. The controller is something like the heart of a human body. It is connected with the solar- energy cell panel, the storage battery and the lighting source. When the controller has detected the voltage of the cell panel declined to a certain set level, it will give order to the lighting source to start lighting. When the set time has expired (e.g. 10 hours), it will switch off the lighting source. This is the intelligent light control for switch-on and time control for switch off. Besides this, the controller has many other functions. For example, it can protect the storage battery against overcharge or over-discharge in order to protect the storage battery against damage.

4.What should be done and can the lamps work normally if several rainy days have happened continuously?

There is no problem at all if it has been cloudy or rainy for several days, because we have taken this kind of situation into account. When we are designing a scheme for your solar lighting system, you may decide whether it should 4 days or 5 days for the rainy period. So, lighting will not be interrupted even in the rainy days. It is necessary to take into consideration the continuous rainy days. It is not recommended to design on the basis of some special cases

5.How to maintain the solar-energy system?

Generally, the solar-energy system does not requires much maintenance, which makes it easy and convenient for using this kind of facilities. However, in case the dust is heavy, we suggest you clean the facilities once every 3~5 months in order to achieve a good effect in absorbing the sunlight.