Common "tricky" of Solar LED street lights

Sep 18,2017
With the technological progress and industry mature of the led chip and solar energy components, the price of solar street lighting industry has been developed by leaps and the market of solar street lights is also rapidly expand. With this rapid development, the price of solar street lighting system comes to differ from each other too much so that buyers are confused which one is better for them to choose. The main reason is that some manufacturers ignore to protect intellectual property rights, and lack of power for innovation, brings homogenization competition and finally inevitably lead to price war, and inevitably appear some bad manufacturers "tricky" sales which really do harm to consumers, so buyers shall really be careful of these "traps".
Common "tricky" of Solar LED street lights:
First, bad manufacturers always label false product parameters, such as false power, light pole thickness reduction and so on. The false product parameters label under normal circumstances is hard to find for the customer which also helps it became main means for poor manufacturers to reduce prices and disrupting the market.

Second is the chip brand and quality. LED chip directly determines the performance and price of the lamp! Some bad business takes the advantage of unprofessional customers, and replace famous brand chips with a no-name chip, or by posting the low-grade chip as high-quality chips of the same manufacturers. Such as posing copper connection as a gold connection to deceive consumers to buy low-priced products with high prices.
Third, to reduce the cost of the cost that sacrificing scientific light distribution system design. In order to reduce costs, bad manufacturers always change or even cancel the light distribution system, which seriously affects the lighting effect such as "light up down", " black under the light ", "zebra effect", "nonuniform illumination", "yellow light circle" and other issues. And these are hard to find out by non-professional without professional testing.

Fourth, poor heat dissipation design. The life of semiconductor devices will be multiple declines when the temperature of the LED chip PN junction increased by each 10 degrees. In other words, heat dissipation is one of the most important guarantees to ensure the life of the lamp and the use of quality. In this regard, poor manufacturers always cut costs mainly by cutting corners, and this damage cannot be found in the beginning use but only after a period of time to see whether it come out.

Fifth is the power quality. The price and quality of Power supply closely contact with the design and selection of internal electrical components, I mean not just whether the light on should be the only thing we concerned. There is a too much example in sell seconds at best quality prices.

Sixth is the problem that the light source of exceeded harmful substances that often encountered in LED manufactures, the main reason is the lighting components of the light source of life always made of the material of low quality which has a great impact during use.

Seventh is misleading the customers by the confusion of concept, such as some manufacturers always not explain that solar LED lights are generally adjustable power use but just say that lighting time simply to deceive consumers of no experience.

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